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CSA Sign-up

How to register

1. Please read carefully and follow the instructions on the form below to sign-up. Choose the language of the form by selecting the menu option on the top right.

2. For full-time subscriptions, under "Number of subtracted delivery weeks", please select 2. This will allow you to take 2 weeks vacation during the season.

3. If you choose to add extra options, they will be added to your total. If you choose to pay in installments, the add-ons will be charged on the first installment.

4. As a member of our CSA program, you will be asked to contribute 18$ (+ tax) to the Family Farmers Network, a collective marketing tool for farmers in Quebec.

5. Once you have completed your registration, check the email you entered in the form to activate your account. You will be sent a link to finalize the purchase of the CSA share. 

6. Pay for your CSA share through the selected method. To avoid credit card fees, we are only accepting payments by e-transfer (preferred) and cheques.

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