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flower farm ottawa

Design Philosophy

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

flower farm ottawa

We are a cut flower farm in the Ottawa Gatineau region. We grow over 50 varieties of specialty cut-flowers and foliage on just under a quarter acre. The cut-flowers we grow are in bloom from late June until frost.


Soil health and supporting biodiversity are at the heart of our farming practices. We focus on no-till farming to regenerate soil, retain water, and grow healthy abundant flowers. The flower field is home to an abundance of pollinators, birds, toads, voles, insects, as well as an incredible diversity of life below the soil.


It's also one of the most beautiful spaces to be in on the farm.

Our designs seek to

capture time and place

through flowers. 

Not only do we love growing flowers, but we have also fallen for natural floral design. As an organic farmer connected to the land and the changing seasons, it was only a matter of time before Alix started to create with flowers.

Our design aesthetic looks to bring you into the present moment and connect you with nature. We are all about exploring unique and nuanced colour combinations and evoking the wild, ever-changing essence of natural materials. We choose varieties based on scent, texture, movement, and colour and the flowers themselves act as our ultimate inspiration.

flower farm ottawa.jpg
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